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Let’s Get Nautical – 4th of July Style

27 Jun

Ah, the Fourth of July! It’s that early summer holiday we spend cooking out with family, relaxing by the pool or better yet, in a boat on the lake celebrating with friends. If you’re lucky enough to have a huge lakefront with a sandy beach and extravagant fireworks display as we do in Chicago, that’s about as good as it gets. But wherever you may live in America, it’s the perfect day to express your patriotism and wear a little red, white and blue. The key to pulling this off without looking like Old Glory is to add subtle touches of color in just the right amount. Nautical-style clothing provides a great base for a sophisticated, classic look. Nautical fashion trends have been on the uptick for the past few years and are still afloat. Bold stripes are a huge trend this year and the 4th of July is one of those days when wearing stripes fits perfectly. Navy and white broad stripes with a small red or gold accessory (bracelet, necklace, clutch) really tap into the Fourth of July vibe. If you are invited to a fabulous lakeside soiree or boat bash this 4th of July, will you dress the part and include some nautical accessories? Here are a few ideas, accessories and fashion pieces that might lend inspiration.


Gold anchor nautical necklace by adorn512

Nautical Boyleg Sailor Maillot

Nautical Striped Boyleg Suit by Asos

nautical navy nail polish

Nautical Nails


navy striped shift dress

Navy striped shift dress:


Brass whale nautical bracelet.


Anchor strap flats:


Alloy apparel nautical striped tote.


J crew factory navy anchor mini skirt.

gold star midi rings knuckle rings

Gold star midi rings adorn512.

We found so many great pieces. Which nautical accessory or piece of clothing is your favorite? Do you have any 4th of July fashion ideas to share? Please leave us a note in the comments. We would love to hear from you!







What’s Right Now: Midi Rings

16 Jun


Stacking accessories are all the rage. The latest on the scene are the delicate little fingertip rings known as “midis.” Midi rings or knuckle rings, as they’re sometimes called, are tiny, stackable rings worn between the knuckle and fingertip. Following the layering fashion trends that started with clothing and necklaces, midi rings build on bracelet layering, bringing stacked accessories all the way to the fingertips. Midi rings are popping up in all styles and colors: from colorful stones to silver, rose gold and gold. Some are adorned with bling and some are sleek and minimalistic. These little gems are so cute to wear and can add a whole new dimension to your accessory arsenal.

midi rings knuckl rings adorn512

Adorn512 Midi Ring Collection



In order to rock this trend best, a great manicure is a must. Midi rings accentuate colorful nail polish and look stylish paired with a chunky statement ring on one finger. Some people prefer wearing several simple bands together on one or two fingers. And we’ve seen these rings stacked anywhere from the finger tip to just above the knuckle. They come in a variety of sizes, (we offer size 3 for smaller fingers and size 4 for medium to larger finger tips). Choosing the right size is important. Just make sure the ring doesn’t fit over your knuckle and it doesn’t easily slip up off of your fingertip, and your midi is here to stay. Wearing midi rings takes a few hours to get used to, but once you do, you’ll grow attached to the cool, polished look it gives your hands. I’ve heard people say they feel naked without their midis!

Rachel Camp was kind enough to lend us a hand and put on some our midi rings for a photo op. I love her chunky, mixed-metal statement ring and it pairs great with  the gold start and silver chevron midi rings (as well as our dainty beaded bracelet.) The infinity symbol midi and cross are a soft pink gold.

midi rings knuckle rings accessories

A chunky statement ring worn with delicate midis.

Midi rings come in many styles and colors. You can view our new collection here. We have new styles coming in all the time, but if there’s something you’d like us to find for you, let us know.

These sweet, sparkly midi rings are a bit on the dressy side, but can be worn everyday to add a special touch to a simple casual outfit.

rose gold infinity symbol midi ring

Rhinestone encrusted rose gold infinity midi ring. So sweet!

Rose gold sideways cross midi ring

Rose gold sideways cross midi ring.

Rose gold or silver bow tie midi ring.

Rose gold or silver bow tie midi ring.

gold silver love midi knuckle ring

Gold or silver love midi rings. Love!

silver chevron midi knuckle ring

Sleek silver chevron midi ring. Mixes so well!

gold star midi rings knuckle rings

Gold star midi rings with large or small stars. Wear them together!


What do you think about layering and stacking accessories? What’s your favorite accessory trend this year? Do you like midi rings? Do you think we’ll be seeing more of them this summer? Please tell us!