Bridesmaid Gifts: Making it Personal While Keeping it Affordable

12 Apr

So, your wedding day is approaching rapidly and you’re looking for meaningful and affordable gifts for your wedding party? Wedding prep can seem like a planning frenzy. Here are some things to consider when selecting bridesmaid gifts.
How soon should I buy them?
There are no guidelines as to how soon, but keep in mind you’ll want to give them out at the rehearsal dinner or maybe even beforehand if a bridal luncheon or tea is on your agenda. As a general rule, purchase them one to three months in advance of the wedding.
How much should I spend?
When deciding what to spend on your bridal party, there are two things to consider; how much you are asking each person to spend on you, and how much your budget allows.  If each bridesmaid is covering travel costs, hotel, dress, shoes, wedding shower costs and bachelorette party, obviously you want to spend enough to let them know you appreciate all they’ve invested in your special day.  You don’t have to spend the same amount they’ve shelled out, but you might want to consider something in the $100-$150 range for that level of bridesmaid participation. On the other hand, if their expenditures are much less or you have a large bridal party and your budget doesn’t allow for over $1000 in bridesmaid gifts, there are many options for gifts in the $50 range that can be personalized so each bridal party member knows you recognize and appreciate her for the unique friend she is to you.
Add a wire-wrapped birthstone and charm to this hand stamped initial necklace to create a unique gift for each bridesmaid.

Add a wire-wrapped birthstone and charm to this hand stamped initial necklace to create a unique gift for each bridesmaid.

We’ve all been given bridesmaid gifts that we wear on the wedding day only and then pack away for 10 or more years. How do you avoid repeating the useless bridal gift cycle?  A gift card for a restaurant or spa is something most people will certainly use, however, it can seem impersonal. A personalized clutch or scarf can allow for an embroidered initial or possibly a meaningful quote.
Perhaps jewelry allows for the most personalization. When selecting jewelry, take some time to think deeply about your relationship with each individual and take her personality into consideration. Is she the outdoors type, a yogi, a tech geek or hard-core professional? Do you know her favorite color, her style, what type of music she enjoys? Are there any symbols or shapes you know she loves? A simple, everyday necklace can include a hand stamped initial and one or two special charms. Consider adding a wire-wrapped birthstone and a tiny clover or bird or a perfect circle to symbolize the ongoing nature of your friendship. Does your friend love the fact she’s a native Californian or Texan? Add her birthstone to a state necklace. Select a finish of rose gold, silver or gold, depending upon your friend’s style. If the gift reflects something personal about your relationship with each bridesmaid, you’ll feel as great giving the gift as they will feel receiving it.

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